60 GHz cnWave V3000 for PTP

We have scenario where we need to provide a 1/2 mile PTP link to “temporarily” feed a private fiber network OLT with no more than 500 Mbps down and 200 Mbps up initially. It will be needed for at least 6 months probably closer to 1.5 years before the long haul fiber is placed.

Lots of people have suggested the Ubiquity 60 Ghz gear, but we haven’t had good feeling about Ubuiti other than their Airfiber HD. Their software seems to be in a constant state of beta flavor of the moment.

We plan on deploying 60 Ghz in the next few months and this will be our first. It looks like the V3000 as PTP should be able to meet the requirement easily with lots of extra room if we have to step up to a gig. At that distance with the larger antenna, it should be fairly rain tolerant, though we do get some heavy rains…

It looks like development stalled on the platform but has recently picked back up again. Looking for some feedback from those that have deployed it and if this is a good solution for this temporary scenario.

V3000 should be perfect for your deployment. To ensure your link availability, please use LinkPlanner( which is a free software that you can download from our website ) to verify the link design.


The V3000 is a great radio; alignment at that distance is too much for eyeballing, so I. recommend getting a rifle scope or maybe using the alignment tool that Cambium Networks sell.

Another suggestion is the ePMP Force 425 if your government allows the 6GHz band, you can get 1Gbps off this radio.

ePMP Force 425 - Cambium Networks

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