60 ghz WiGig based PTP and PMP

Wigig based PTP and PMP 60 ghz units for dense/urban areas.  Wireless gigabit

i don't think that this can happen due to 60ghz being so high in the band. indoor single room wifi is all that will be good for, well maybe space transmission between mining rigs on astroids.

I have started reading some manufacturers going into not only ptp but ptmp in the 60ghz, distance at about 1km. I like the idea of using millimeter waves but maybe a push for 24ghz instead? Either way won't be cheap.

Apparently O2 (oxygen) is a problem for it - atmospheric attenuation will limit a 60GHz backhaul to about 1mile max range.  If you try to go PMP instead with sectors instead of beams I'm guessing you might make it work 1/4 mile - 1/2 mile with perfect LOS.  Incredible capacity, incredibly limited in real-world PMP usefulness.


I thinks with technology today, it only good for indoor application for stream high throughput. Attenuation is the issue at 60Ghz


Sooooo ..... is this happening? If so ... very keen for a trial ;) Any details that can slip yet?

Yes, there is a program underway.  If you will be making it to any of the shows (maybe Auckland?) then you may hear more about it then... stay tuned this summer for additional info.