60 KM backhaul using ePMP 1000 connectorized Non-GPS radio

Dear all,

I am trying to connect  2 sites with a distance of 60 KM with a pair of ePMP 1000 connectorized (NON-GPS) radios and 34 dBi dishes.

I understand that using a 40 Mhz channel, I can only connect up to 25 KM.

Using a 20 Mhz channel with ePMP 1000 plus 34 dBi dish, I have connected distances up to 40 KM.

What I want to understand is that if there is any limitations on the distance using 20 Mhz channel?

With a clear LOS between the 2 sites with a distance of 60 KM, can I connect the 2 ePMP 1000 radios using a 34 dBI dish on a 20 Mhz channel?




Would you like to use ePTP mode for this link?

ePTP mode has next Max Ranges:

40 MHz - 24 rm

20 Mhz - 52 km

5, 10 MHz - 52 km

In TDD or TDD-PTP mode you can establish connection on distance up to 65 km.

You can take a look on other user experience with long-range links here:


Thank you.

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Hi Fedor,

I was thinking about using ePTP for the 60 KM link.

Now that the maximum distance for an ePTP link is only 52 KM, I will use TDD for this 60 KM link.

Thank you for the quck response and clarification.