60GHz cnWave E2E Controller On-Premises 1.1.0 R4 has been released

60GHz cnWave E2E Controller On-Premises 1.1.0 R4 has been released. You can find the software and documentation on the Downloads page.

Primary Features of the 1.1.0 Release

Auto Manage IPv6 Routes

See the separate #knowledge-base article about this feature:

DHCPv6 Relay

DHCPv6 Relay allows CPE to obtain IPv6 Address or IPv6 delegated prefix from DHCPv6. CN/DN acting as DHCPv6 Relay inserts DHCPv6 options 37 (Remote Identifier) and 38 (Subscriber identifier) in all Relay-Forward messages. These options can be used by DHCPv6 server to allocate the correct IPv6 address/Prefix.

Customized SLAAC CPE Prefix

IPv6 prefix advertised in SLAAC Router advertisement can be customized by filling the IPv6 CPE Prefix. By default, prefix assigned by the controller is used.

CN Backup link

CNs can only form one link, but additional backup links can be provided for use when the primary link is unavailable (for at least 300 seconds). Backup links needs to be created from cnMaestro only.

Select Backup CN link check box shown below.

In the map, backup links are represented by dashed line as shown below.

Disable Unknown Unicast Flood option

PoP floods any unknown unicast ingress packets on all the L2GRE tunnels. When the Disable Unknown Unicast Flood option is enabled, PoP drops such packets. By default, this option is disabled

Significant Fixes

The following issues have been fixed:

Id Details
CNSSNG-20727 Mounting SQLite stats DB e2e stats_agent service
CNSSNG-20711 Deleting second default route from cnMaestro UI
CNSSNG-20682 When setting the IPv6 address back to SLAAC in cnMaestro UI
CNSSNG-20693 Package upgrade of E2E Fails due to apt update NTP

Known Issues

IPv6 Routes won’t be added if SLAAC Address is used as Controller address and that will have issues connecting to the PoP and devices.

Workaround: Using Static IPv6 address instead of SLAAC as Controller address will allow network to update the required routes.

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I take it the backup links are mostly for V1000’s since the V3000’s are too narrow to pick up 2 sites realistically right?

Thats correct. Its not practical to have backup links with V3000.