6GHz ePMP Solutions - How to get 6 GHz band unlocked

Cambium Networks is making a limited number of 6 GHz ePMP 4600 Series proof of concept kits available for those network operators that have experimental licenses authorizing the use of these radios in 6 GHz. Operators can purchase these radios now and, upon submitting proof of a valid experimental license to the Cambium Networks support team via submitting the support ticket, receive a special software version enabling the 6 GHz channels on these radios. When the FCC officially launches the 6 GHz spectrum, these pre-launch radios will be software upgraded to meet the final band requirements.

Upon initial shipment, these radios will have FCC approval to operate in portions of the 5.725 GHz to 5.850 GHz spectrum and are locked only to these approved frequencies and power level. Transmit power in the 5 GHz band will be considerably lower than a typical 5 GHz radio as the primary function of these radios is to operate in the full 6 GHz band. Once an operator provides evidence of the experimental license to Cambium support, a firmware update will then unlock the full 6 GHz band. It is the operator’s responsibility to fully comply with the regulations dictated in the experimental license.

Available products:
ePMP 4600 4x4 MU-MIMO Access Point
ePMP 4600 4x4 MU-MIMO Sector Antenna
Force 4625 Subscriber Module
Force 4600C Subscriber Modules
Connectorized Dish Antennas


Is there any way to use the 6GHz band with the PMP450 gear?

No, at least not yet. There’s a new series coming out for that, 450v.

I have not attempted to deploy 6Ghz anything yet. What is required to use two Force 4625 in a PtP fashion?

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An FCC STA or OTA. You can find instructions on how to file this with the FCC here: Filing Instructions for OET Experimental License - Cambium Networks


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