8.1.5 / 8.2.1 and back hauls

I can not say anything positive about this new equipment. I had a link established for years on 7.3.6 bh20. One side of the equipment burnt in a fire and i had to replace it with an 8.1.5 bh20. First off i had to upgrade the other unit to 8.1.5 to even get it to register (it would see it in alignment but wouldn’t register, and yes i put it in hw scheduling and checked the 2x mode to make sure they were the same.)

Once it was upgraded this link never went above a jitter of 3 (8.6 miles dished on both end.) however this link was horrible only running a link test of 3/1 megs.

I called moto support and they tried to be as helpful as possible. they recommended that the firmware was upgrade to 8.2.1, which I did. This equipment would not upgrade normally. it took many tries and reboots to get the equipment upgraded. it never said that it finished, always froze in “programming”.

After hours of changing freq. lay outs and testing (ended up on the channel i started with) with no improvement.

I was very worried about changing the system to 2x due to the drive time to the site and link quality. (even though its only 8.6 miles it about 1 hour drive up a dirt road, many customers off line, and the fact that it was 10pm)

I ended up changing the link to 2x and it finally registered and I am now able to get 10/3 megs on the link test.

Is this the best I can expect? On 2x I would hope to get at least get a little better. Can anyone give me real world advise to establish a better link?

10/3 is about right as the 20M will do 14 aggregate.

even in 2x?


Advantage will deliver sustained 14Mbps aggregate in 2X. Additionally advantage will auto-rateshift to 1X if the link degrades.

Non-Advantage will deliver burst 14M, sustained 7M.