8.1.5, will it work with a 7.3.6 AP?

I have my first 8.1.5 SM and I cant seem to get it to work with my current 7.3.6 AP. There are a lot more settings on the 8.1.5, could of of these be effecting its connectivity?

Can i downgrade to 7.3.6?

Yes it will work as long as everything is set right… really wouldn’t downgrade to 7.3.6… as long as the AP is Hardware shed you should have no problems.

Check every setting.

I didn’t have any problems at my end…just changed the colour Code and it registered. But there other way around that was a different story.

We Upgraded a 7.3.6 AP to and left the SM’s at 7.3.6, when the AP came back all the SM’s registered and we were able to get to them all but none of the clients could get online. Very weird, we had to down grade to 7.3.6 again to get it to work.

When upgradeing I went from 7.3.6 to 8.1.4 then to

The AP i currently have is in software mode, would i have to set this to hardware scheduling and then enable 2x?

8.1.5 will only work with Hardware scheduling…

I can confirm that a software 8 sub radio will work fine with a 7.3.6 AP…

Our latest batch of 900SM’s came in friday with software 8… Dangit… So much for keeping 8 off my network…

Works fine though… Anyhow, you should be running hardware scheduled AP’s anyway if you can.

Just need to make sure the AP’s are A) P9’s and B) they are in hardware scheduling mode, also 8.2 SM’s will work with and AP’s and vice versa.