8.1 Ap Reboots every few minutes

Is anyone experiencing a 5.2 AP rebooting after upgrading it to 8.1? Upgraded it with CNUT 2.2 and did everything the correct way. All SM’s (3)are at 8.1 as well. We know it is rebooting because of the UPTIME. Anyone?

It could be interference. From what I hear 8 is more picky in regards do that.

Are you using shielded cat5e?

Do you have anything connected between the AP and the CMM? ie surge protector, coupler, etc

We have upgraded just 2 AP’s. 1 on 2 different arrays. They both do the same thing. Both have shielded cable and are going right into the CMM, no surge supressors or couplers.

Check out the event log. It’s probably crashing and you are getting dumps that you can send to motorola.

We just installed 8.1 on 5 900 Ap’s over 2 locations and @ 175 Sm’s.
All seems ok… expect on AP REBOOTS when you try to access it via the web GUI. You get the Splash scrren and thats all. Anyone having that issue?

My problem like this was solved by removing the Canopy Surge Protector from between the AP and CMM.

We upgraded two small 900 MHz segmants; 1 AP with 27 SMs, and 1 AP with 2 SMs; ~25% of the SMs failed to take the upgrade from 7.3.6 to 8.14.

In all cases, the apparent logged power at the SMs went down by 3-6 dBm, ie, 75 before to 80 after was a typical change. The jitter seems to have increased as well.

Re-regs and other similar fade events have become more common. Upon speaking to Canopy tech support, they recommend that the furthest SMs should have higher power settings in config than closer SMs.

My closest SMs are about 7 miles to the mountain; and the furthest are 27-30 miles out. This is a lot of windshield time to fix stranded customers.

We also saw a decrease in the apparent upload speed; both ‘real’ and experienced by customers when they go to ‘speedtest’ sites.

Running NAT on 95% of the SMs, only a few are bridged.

While the interface changes are nice; it isn’t worth the headache to ‘upgrade’ to 8.14 yet.

I haven’t upgraded the CMMs yet to 2.2; I’ll wait until the snow melts in the summer.

I have several other segments, with several hundred subscribers that won’t be making the upgrade to 8.14 anytime soon. Some of those customers are over 35 miles from that mountain tower site- and we don’t need the extra truck rolls.

we have the same issue. 5.2 APs constantly reboot. we have tested this with 4 APs, and only 1 does not reboot over and over. there is no apparent difference. Moto didnt have answer, so we are just going to wait it out until there is a new firmware version available. from the few ive heard, it seems to be only 5.2, but i can not confirm this