8.2.2 and back hauls

has anyone installed 8.2.2 on a bh20? Is it better then 8.2.1?

I have had issues with 8.2.1 on P9 BHs and have moved back to 8.1.5. Problems solved, however, I will be testing 8.2.2 on test equipment soon and will let you know how it goes, K?


VINCE - Read my post about Stack Dump Errors… I am still getting them on 8.2.2 but granted, I was getting them on 8.2.1. But other than this error being in my event log, the link seems solid and passing traffic well.

8.2.2 is working just fine on P10 BH20 units

I have 15 pairs on 8.2.2, and no problems yet (Knock on wood)…