8.2 Mix AP Hang


Just upgrade 2 cluster of 2.4 AP with 8.2 version.

First cluster is 4 Adv+ 2 non-Adv, consist of around 100+ customer from 736 majority version, and some p10 board. After upgrade the AP’s, suddenly everything seem not stable, first is where 2 non-Adv AP hang. 1 of 4 Adv AP which has 29 customer inside, suddenly showed not calibrated all in Session Page. We are restart and do anything at the AP, and suddenly everything is back to normal again. Today 1 Adv AP is hang again…

Second cluster with 6 non Adv AP, worked fine with 8.2

Any clue what happened? and what should I do?



this topic may be somewhat enlightening:
http://motorola.canopywireless.com/supp … php?t=4463

Finally gave up, and roll back to 7.3.6 for All AP :slight_smile:

Good job Moto!

Edit: After run 3 hours with 7.36, everything back to rock solid signal

Bad Cheetah!