8.2 Release Notes

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Special Notes:
◦ Release 8.2 does not support Backhauls. P10 series Backhauls shipping from the
factory with Release 8.1.5 should be left at Release 8.1.5. Previous series Backhauls
should not be upgraded to Release 8.2. The Release 8.2 software package (the
.pkg2 file used by Prizm 3.0 or CNUT 2.2) has built-in checks to prevent upgrading
Backhauls inadvertently. Work is underway to have a point release for Release 8.2
that supports Backhauls.
◦ Special rules apply for collocating 5.4 modules with 5.2 modules.

Note for P10 series hardware:
◦ It is strongly recommended that all P10 series modules (and by extension, any
modules in sectors that include P10 series modules) be upgraded to Release 8.2 to
avoid Ethernet port lock-ups.
◦ Under some traffic conditions, the Ethernet port on P10 series modules
running previous releases will lock-up, and no traffic will pass. Most
instances are addressed by Release 8.2. Additional resistance to lock-ups

Highlights of Canopy Release 8.2:
◦ Supports DFS for 5.4 GHz modules in the US and Canada, thus opening up this
spectrum to Canopy use.
◦ Supports DFS for newly sold 5.2 GHz modules in the US, thus allowing the
continuing sale of 5.2 GHz modules in this market.
◦ Simplifies operator configuration by using a “Region Code” to be set by the operator
that then sets DFS and other features correctly to region and frequency band
◦ Increases the maximum packet-per-second of modules.
◦ The tested, supported upgrade path is to upgrade from Release (or 8.1.5 or on recently shipped P10 modules) to Release 8.2.
◦ Prizm 3.0 will now manage upgrades, in addition to CNUT 2.2. Consider upgrading to
Prizm 3.0 before upgrading your network to Canopy Release 8.2.
Notes for Release 8 in general:
Canopy Software Release 8.2 Software Release Notes
Issue 1, August 2007 Page 6 of 45
◦ Release 8 supports hardware scheduling ONLY. Modules must be running
hardware scheduling BEFORE upgrading.
◦ Not all modules of all hardware series can be upgraded to Release 8. Specifically,
hardware series P7 and P8 APs, BHs, and AES SMs cannot be upgraded. Also,
since both ends of a BH link must run the same scheduler (hardware or software),
only backhaul links with hardware series P9 BHs on both ends can be upgraded