8 ft dish support for 820c radios

I know this is probably not a supported method on doing this, however, I have many Ceragon 6ghz links in my network that have 8 ft dishes. I’m trying to mimic the link profile using LinkPlanner but I’m unable to select 8ft dish for 820c radios. I’ve tried using the built in PTP antennas in the project config and even tried adding a custom antenna. However, it will not allow me to select it despite being in the correct frequency band.

Can you add a custom antenna despite it not being supported?

Hi Eric,

We don’t allow custom antennas for PTP8X0 products at the moment since the losses, connectors, BOM, etc may not be correct if an unknown antenna is used. If you send the antenna spec sheets to linkplanner@cambiumnetworks.com then we can create you a custom definition file.

If we create a custom file then the same applies - the BOM and losses may not be accurate. The file will not be available between LINKPlanner releases and everyone that wants to view the project file will need to install the patch containing the antenna.