802.1X EAP + guest wifi in parallel?

Dear friends,

I have two E600 in my house and will add one E700 for my garden as soon as available in my area, which seems to be the case in NOV/ DEC this year, I hope. I am very happy with WLAN performance so far and I wish to change (improve?) WLAN security. I understand that the WLAN profile configuration and feature is available with 802.1X enterprise security as well and, thus, I would be able to use my quite new Mikrotik Cloud Core Router as a RADIUS Server (which should be very much able to handle such task). I have already installed the 'userman' and admin config and am actually ready for the user configuration. However, I am now wondering whether or not I can still use the fine guest wifi functions in cnMasstro in parallel or do I have to make a choice?

Should you have any advice, code or guideline that might help me, please do not hesitate. Any help would be well appreciated.

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Shouldn't be any problem doing that, just create a second WLAN.  Set them up with different VLANs, enable Client Isolation on the Guest network, and set the Mikrotik to hand out separate DHCP on each VLAN, and firewall to prevent Guest VLAN from talking to anything but the mikrotik itself and the internet.


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Sounds very good. Thanks. ASAP I will try it and come back here.