820 adding additional interfaces for back up

As stated in the title, I was wondering if there was a way to add additional physical interfaces to the radio group for a backup. How do I group the copper 1gig port with 10G SFP+ and licensed radio for a backup port. Any Help would be helpfull.

I’m not exactly sure what you’re after; are you looking to use a second PTP 820 as a backup or another device like a PTP 450, PTP 670 etc?


Sorry if I am not clear. I am asking if it is possible to group Ethernet slot1 port1 and Ethernet slot1 port2 to Radio slot1 port1 and Radio slot1 port2 in the same device?

I need to know if you are doing MC-ABC to aggregate the two radio ports. If you are, assuming that you will take care of making sure that there is no loop - you need to configure your switch properly. You can do below.
create two P2P services:

  1. Service 1, SP1: ETH1,SAP, all-2-one, SP2: MC-ABC, SNP, S-tag 10
  2. service 2, SP1: ETH2, SAP, all-2-one, SP2: MC-ABC, SNP, S-tag 20



I am indeed using MC-ABC to configure the link. I take it this configuration is used for aggregation to split traffic between ports? I am looking for the ability to use one of the interfaces as a backup in case the primary interface fails.

This solution should work for you. What you need is to create a LAG on your switch so when one connection goes down, traffic will be shuffled to another ETH port.

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