820c Data Ports

Currently all of our 820c deployments are setup with radio 1 mapped to copper data port and radio 2 mapped to fiber and then we bond those ports on the router. We're using PIPE option.

I'm wondering if it is possible to have both radio interfaces use the fiber data port? Basically bonding the two channels together on the radio.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I would read over the quick configuration wizard for a 2+0 configuration in the user guide if you want to bond both radio interfaces to a single ethernet/fiber interface.   


You may use the MC-ABC feature on the radio.

You may refer to the "Configuring Multi-Carrier ABC" section of the user guide which is available on the support website for configuration information.

If you use MC-ABC to tie both radio ports to the fiber port, you'll limit the links' throughput to GigE, since the fiber port is limited to GigE.

Some customers do what you suggest--they tie one radio to ETH1, the other radio to ETH2, and combine the traffic in a switch. This allows the links to carry more than 1 Gbps.

If your traffic is less than 1 Gbps, you won't have to worry about this limitation!

I hope this helps!