820C Dual Fiber, anyone doing it? can it be done?

I'm seeing he second SFP can be enabled but not seeing where I can tie it to a radio.  Thoughts anyone on best practice to achieve this?

Hello Ben, this is possible but only with the Non-MIMO SKU's of the PTP820C (and PTP820C-HP).  The description will state 'Non-MIMO'.  If you have an older PTP820C, two fiber inputs isn't going to be possible.  This isn't a comprehensive list of part numbers, but will give you an idea of standard configurations and the non-MIMO description.  If you design a PTP820C link in LINKPlanner, it will now default to non-MIMO SKUs.

If you are using two data inputs (Ethernet or Fiber), then you are typically wanting more than 1Gbps across the link.  That setup requires LAG.  This post should help: http://community.cambiumnetworks.com/t5/PTP-Configuration-Examples/Configuring-LAG-and-In-Band-Management-on-a-PTP820C/m-p/77659#M56

C110082L015A PTP 820C Radio 11WGHz,TR500,Ch1W6,Non-MIMO,Hi,11185-11485MHz

C110082L016A PTP 820C Radio 11WGHz,TR500,Ch1W6,Non-MIMO,Lo,10695-10955MHz

C110082L027A PTP 820C Radio 11WGHz,TR500,Ch7W13,Non-MIMO,Hi,11425-11725MHz

C110082L028A PTP 820C Radio 11WGHz,TR500,Ch7W13,Non-MIMO,Lo,10915-11207MHz

C180082L003A PTP 820C Radio 18WGHz,TR1560,ChAll,Non-MIMO,Hi,19259-19710MHz

C180082L004A PTP 820C Radio 18WGHz,TR1560,ChAll,Non-MIMO,Lo,17699-18150MHz

C110082B129A PTP 820C-HP, Basic Radio, NON-MIMO,11 GHz

C060082B220A PTP 820C-HP, Basic Radio, NON-MIMO,6 GHz

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