820C HP setup with Splitter in 2+0

We have an engineered 11GHz link that is calling for the 2+0 configuration with 820C HP radios. We ordered all of the parts, and the only thing I am not familiar with is the splitter (N110082L145A) part. The splitter seems like it is a variation of the OMT kit, which makes sense. The problem is our link is engineered for Vertical polarity. The instructions for the splitter state that you can “twist” the splitter eye to be either horizontal or vertical polarity. The one that was shipped to us does NOT allow you to change the polarity at all. It is in horizontal polarity and there is no way you can change the port to be vertical. Did we get the wrong part? Or can we make that work? Everything I find online says that is what you need to make the link work, but we are missing the splitter that you can change the polarity on. Has anyone run into this or knows what I am missing?

Hi Colin,

Plese see the pictures below for both sides of a splitter, you can see the twist pointed to be an arrow.

You can also check it out from the installation guide.

Hope this helped.

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Our splitter does not give the option for us to change the polarization. It seems as it is permanently in horizontal polarity.

Please contact your Cambium sales manager or our technical support for further assistance.