820C on solar site with second core disabled

Wondering if it’s possible to install an 820C 2+0 XPIC link at a solar site but then disable the 2nd core (one of the polarizations) until it’s needed in the future (to delay a power upgrade) ?

If so, does anyone know approx what a 820C on 11Ghz with 1 core only draws in the real world?

Yes you can. But I suggest that you go with the newer model which is 850C. Same idea, you can configure 1+0. The power draw is 63W with 1+0 configuration. All information available from the datasheet at cambium website.


Can you mix and match 820S and 820C i.e. 820S on one side of the link, 820C on the other?

On the 820C, datasheet advises 2+0 is 65W. If I disable the second core, what does power consumption drop to?

1+0 820C power consumption at 11GHz is 53W. 820C doesn’t work 820S.