820F IDU to RFU fiber connection problem


I'm configuring some 820F for a customer project. We are using RFU-D. We want to use fiber to connect the IDU to the RFU with external DC power. However I can't get it to work. It works fine using cat5.

In the configuration, I changed Radio -> Radio Unit -> Slot1 -> Media Type to SFP per the manual and turned off power injection. Power is provided with a DC power supply and the N000082L165A power adapter. The RFU lights come on and appears to be running.

We are using the Cambium N000082L072A SFP modules with short MM jumpers. We have two separate systems in place to configure, so it's not a bad SFP or MM jumper. The RFU SFP LED is lit, and the IDU RFU connection LED is on but is red because there is not communication.

Firmware on IDU is v11.0 official release. RFU firmware is 44.22 IIRC.

RFU operates normally if I use cat5.

Any ideas? I am hoping I'm missing something dumb.


Figured it out.  You have to have an SFP+ module in the RFU.  SFP won't work, has to be SFP+, assuming to support the 2.5G interface even though we're not using it.  And the manuals or datasheets all say SFP and there's no mention anywhere of needing an SFP+ or an SFP that supports 2.5Gbps.  Either way the linkplanner recommended SFP used in all the other 820 doesn't work so you need SFP+ up top at least.