820S Antenna options

I am looking into another 820 link that will direct mount to a 3ft antenna.  I have found some pretty affordable Radiowaves HP series antennas that the user guide specifies will work.  The model number is HP3-11RS. The picture below shows the direct mount area which is being listed a "Ceragon".  Will I need an adapter to mount an 820 to this?  If so, where can I get one?  Thanks!

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No adapter mount will be needed. The Cambium PTP 820S can be mounted directly for all frequencies (6-38 GHz) using the Radiowaves: HP series antennas.


It's Allen, Product Manager of Cambium for PTP820.

I don't think it will work. The default Radiowave HP dish doesn't come with PTP820 Interface, you must buy a special model with PTP820 interface to do direct mount.

For the antenna you shown, you can go with remote mount with PTP820.



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The intall guide mentions that a PTP 820S can be mounted directly for all frequencies (6-38 GHz) using the following antenna types (for integrated antennas, specific antennas part numbers are required):
 Andrew: VHLP series
 Radiowaves: HP series
 Cambium: CNT series

Isn't the Cambium N110082D098A one in the same as the HP3-11?


What about the  HP3-11G2 Model?  Here is a picture of it's mounting plate. 

820 antenna pic.JPG

I figured out what the user guide was saying.  If you want to direct mount an 820S or 820C it needs to have the UBR100 interface in 11Ghz.  If you are using split mount 820G in 11Ghz, then you'll need the WR90/PBR100 interface for waveguide.  Any Radiowaves HP series with radio interfaces on page 29 of the user guide will work.  However, at the bottom it says if any other type of antenna with CPR flange (which the HP3-11G2 does) will require a flange adaptor.  So, now I just need to know what the part number of the adaptor is and how much it costs. Anyone have an idea?


HP2-11 can be mounted directly to ptp820s ?


As long as HP2-11 has the right antenna interface for PTP 820S, you can direct mount the radio to antenna.

Hello again
My frequency range is changed and i choose 820s,23Ghz

The antenna choose: comscop VHLP2-23w-3wh(that can be direct mount with UBR220)
But comscope says " the antenna may have been ddiscontinued"

And i emailed for HP2-23G , and they don’t reply to me

Is there any solution?

Warm regard

Is this site approved by you?(there is no datasheet on the site)


The antenna that i need:

PTP820 2’ Single Polarization Dish Antenna, 23GHz, RFU-C type and Standard Interface UBR220 - Andrew
** PN #: N230082D023A **

Hello again
Excuse me!

Would you please tell me ,
Is this the true part for Explained specification?


Link : Cambium , PTP 820S , 23GHz

Antenna type :