820S locks up

Anyone who has read my postings know I have not been a fan of the 820s radio. After working with Cambium, we got all the links working solid, or so I thought. We are expierencing an issue where the radio goes into a mode where we cannot access it, and it stops transmitting. It can sit this way for days and then start working, even several weeks it can be locked up and then just start working. The last failure was about a month ago. We power cycled it multiple times, changed cables, switch ports, power supplies and it will not recover. Brought it to the bench, powered it up and it came right up. We changed the cabling again, and the switch it goes to and put it back in service. Lasted a week witn no errors then this AM went down at 5:19m and we cannot get access to it. The other end of the link shows no errors, until carrier failure this morning. Confiruration is 1+0, and we use the management port on Vlan2.

Any ideas how we can get into this unit to see what is happening? I am about ready to trash it and purchase a new unit.

I have forwarded this to the support and development teams


Have you opened a ticket with the Cambium Support team?  If not, can you please get a ticket opened and I will ensure it gets assigned to someone from my team who can assist with this.  You can open a ticket from the following URL:  https://support.cambiumnetworks.com


Chuck Hemesath

Director - Techncial Support

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I opened up a case.

any one have a 820s, Model C110082B014A that could loan/rent for a couple of months while Cambium and me resolve a link issue?

Can you please provide a ticket number so I can ensure the proper resources are looking into this issue?


Chuck Hemesath

Director - Technical Support

Nevermind.  I found the case #.   Let me talk to the team to see what I can do to assist with this.


Hi All,  what was the outcome resolution of this problem? I currently have a site that is working, however I can not connect to the microwave units and make changes. I can't ping it either. The site is working fine however.

This has happend a a few times before.