820S New radio Default Firmware

This is an observation, and looking for feedback.

When buying new 820S radios, in any frequency flavor, the default FW level is 10.3, which is date 2018. Per Cambium, no FW below 11.7.5 is supported, and the current FW level is 12.5. At this point it seems new radios, would and/or should have a minimum FW level of 12.0 installed, requiring the end user to only have to upgrade one level to be current, prior to deployment. Currently it takes a minimum of four (4) upgrades to become current, which is painfully slow, and gives me time to write this and wonder why my new radios have six year old firmware in them, new out of the box. These are not radios that have been on a distributors shelf for years (before someone offers that as an explanation), as we have to wait weeks, months, to receive the new inventory.