820s: Radio Interface operational status: Down Any ideas?

I cant get the Radio interface UP on one end

Radio Interface operational status: Down

Any ideas?

Hi Ginovalla,

Are you planning a new link or facing problem on the existing link? Please follow the below steps.

1. Make sure you have the correct frequency High frequency (On High radio) and Low frequency (On Low radio).

2. Make sure Tx Mute Status is OFF.

3. Check for the MRMC script if it is configured correctly on both the radios.

4. Run the Loopback test under Radio >> Diagnostics >> Select the radio port >> Edit >> Turn the Loopback test for 1 Minute. (Make sure to Turn Off the other side Radio (Tx Mute suould be ON).

5. If the Loopback test give the RSSI and MSE values then we are good with the radio port.

6. Check for th ealignment (If the link in field).

7. Check for the softwaare version.

If you are still facing the issue please let us know.


Sanjay Kumar

Ran the Loppback

Site 1 provided MSE of -42  and RSSI of -34

Site 2 provided a low RSSI (-71) and MSE of 0

So no input? 

So we took the radios down, turn them up on the bench, They link up perfectly..


What the heck!


Im at loss 

Please run the hardware loopback again whilst the radios are still on the bench.

Please contact customer support if you get the same results, since you may have a hardware problem at site 2.


I hope this helps!


P.S. Here are some silides with more explanation of how to run the loopback.

See pages 13-15.


we did the loopbacks on the bench, both radios returned positive status

Any other ideas? 

When installed in the field, did you get a good Rx level on the  down radio? if they work perfectly fine on the bench but one (or both) radio would not lock despite having a good Rx level reading, there is a strong posibility there is another radio on the same frequency you are using and on the same direction as your installations.

Quick way of checking is when back in the field, with the other radio Tx mute on, check your Rx level on the radio that will not lock. if the Rx level is still high (above -70) then you definitely have a strong interference from another radio.

hope this helps, cheers.