820s repair times

Is it normal in our industries to have manufacturer repair times in excess of 2 months and counting. I have two 820s units sent back to Cambium for repair and all I get is a status update " This email is to keep you updated that the unit is still under repair. I will notify you once the unit is repaired and shipped out. I will keep you posted the status of this repair as soon as I hear something from our repair team."

I am having issues with meeting contracted speeds and will have to purchase a new unit to replace the one in for repair. So, I will have a spare for only one unit as none of the other 820s in my system use this model number.

OK. By the lack of replies, I will assume that this repair time is the accepted norm and I will just wait for the units to be repaired and shipped back. Thanks.

IIRC the 820's are made in Israel and I don't know if Cambium has to send them back there to be fixed. FWIW we RMA'd some 450 SM's earlier this year and I think it took like 3 months to get them back.