8dBi VPOL or 9dBi HPOL?

I have the choice between two omni’s on the shelf.

a 8dBi VPOL or 9dBi HPOL

I have a competing WISP who has a tower roughly 1 mile from mine - they have a 9dBi HPOL running Alvarion on the entire spectrum. They will not cooperate. Using VPOL helps aleviate some of my problem with them.

The spectrum analyzer shows remarkably clean spectrum except for the other WISP.

The other question would be how much NLOS performance improvement does HPOL really have over VPOL - plus I gain an extra 1dBi. Does it really make that much difference?

My 2 cants would be Hpol but not use an omni. Use sector antennas this way the other wisp will only interfear with one sector.

The reason that Moto went with H-Pol for the 900 product is that most 900 equipment such as paging, police, fire, etc uses V-Pol and as such typically the noise floor is quieter in the H-Pol spectrum.

If the V-Pol and H-Pol has the same noise floor, there is no performance hit by going with V-Pol. However I would not waste time with an 8dB antenna. An 11dB is going to give you double the power; Check out the PacWireless OD9-11D1 or something equivalent.

With that said, I would agree with attitude that your chances for success would be higher with 2 sector antennas and just not try to get customers on the other side of the Alvarion tower.

So would the 9dBi HPOL pacwireless omni give me much more power than the 8dBi VPOL pacwireless?

Just trying to stick with what I have on the shelf…

1dB will not change much especially if they are from the same manufacturer.

What will have more impact is the noise floor V-Pol vs H-Pol.

I think omni Hpol will be total waste of time.
I will sugest to use Hpol sector antena.
How far is your competitors tower?
Because cahnging polarisation will give you 20db isolation and in some cases it is not enough.

2 miles. I am using a Mikrotik/Ubiquiti 900mhz system with the VPOL right now. It is working ok but Motorola has proven to be far more stable.