9.0 SM not playing nicely with 9.3 AP

I have 900 APs that have 9.3 software. My SMs all have 9.0. From what I read they should work well with each other, but we are having issues. All the SMs randomly drop off. We see the same results on our monitoring software. Anyone else experiencing the same thing? Any ideas?
We are also having an issue with CNUT trying to upgrade the SMs to 9.3, it can push it out to the APs, but the SMs just dont like it.
Thanks for any feedback

I will advice you to always have you canopy network on the same firmware.
Kindly check also if you have not overloaded the AP. Remember that the 900AP is 4Mbps aggregate throughput.


Are you sure it’s a firmware related issue and not interference? I have a mixed environment of 9.3, 9.0 and 8.2.7 and don’t have any issues like this.

Any time I’ve seen problems where the SMs will randomly drop out of session, it’s usually because of some new interference near the AP. You might have to do a spectrum analysis from the AP and see what’s going on or simply just try a different channel.

906, 915 and 924 are the non-overlapping channels in 900MHz.