9.4.2 and PMP400

Have anybody upgraded pmp400 to 9.4.2?
My CNUT is reporting, that 9.4.2 is unavailable to PMP400!

according to support pages the 9.4.2 should be available for PMP400, unless you’re working on 3.5 Ghz version…

Yes, it should work with 5.4GHz, but it doesn’t!
In logs I have:
“Current = CANOPY 8.4.3 SM-DES, CANOPYBOOT 1.0, 082108
No Update Packages available for: OSU-DES
Update Completed”

same problem here… 9.4.2 wouldnt go on to PMP400

I had the same problem.

There are two 9.4.2 FW:

You have to load right one into CNUT.