90 Sectors with Force 110

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New to the forum but would greatly appreciate some help. I have some Force 110s 5GHz set up with some 90 degree sectors appx 65 ft off of the  ground.  Ran the spectrum analysis to determine what frequencies had the least noise.  Set the North and South  (front and back sectors) sectors as channelsA and East and West as channel B (front and back sectors) accordingly on lowest noise frequencies  as determined by the  spectrum analyzer and set the channel bandwidth to 20Mhz. . Drove around some with a 10 ft pole just to random locations to see how good of a signal we  could get using a Force 200 set and having everything set to  Auto. Being 60 yards away ( i could see the sector antennas and throw a baseball and hit them) I was only getting signals around -70 to -80 dBm. This surprised the heck out of me. I was expecting to get low -40s. to -50s  I then set the APs with the sectors to auto and didn't get any better. I had set up PTP links before no problem. To eleminate any doubt, I set up a Force 180 on the same tower and did the same test driving aorund. Actually from the same spot (where I could hit the sectors with a baseball), I was getting a -36dBm signal! proceeded to drive around further and was at one point able to get a link -73dBm from about 1.4 miles away from on top of house roof ( worth nothing that I could stand up on that same roof and just barely see over the tree line)  In between there were some trees and Electrical powerlines. Any ideas why I couldn't get a link to the sectors or at least a better signal?

Have you just forgotten to turn up the transmit power in the AP?  Also, may want to turn off the back facing sector just to make sure of a few things and then test.  I would recomend you give a listen to the ePMP webinar: https://support.cambiumnetworks.com/files/epmp/#r6


those videos will help a lot.     a lot of little things can go a long way, for example, if you've got your antennas in a negative tilt position, and you can see them from 2 miles away. you may see -80 registration, when the sectors are tilted properly, you may see 55db.... all the little things mater, ALOT.    read up read up readup and make yourself some check lists, check the powers, channels tilts, mounts obstructions, everything needs to be level, etc.       and if your not up to speed with grounding theories, definitely DON"T SKIP OUT. you'll save thosands of dollar long term. 

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If you could share the radio page config that would be really handy, too.

You're saying from 60 yards away the Force 180 get's -36 and the first SM you tried was -75?

Also to be clear, you're using the Force110ptp with Sync AKA AP Lite, right?  They have a GPS port/antenna?

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