900 450i Speed and Specs

Well, put my first sector on the tower today. Working very well so far. 

Background: I currently have 3 120 sectors of unbt 2.4 with shields. Also have a 120 sector of ubnt 900.(which was replaced with 450i 900 today) on a water tower at about 150 ft'

Ubnt 900 could barely push 4 megs to 8 clients on the ap running 8 mhz channels, I had to use 8mhz becausse 10mhz was even worse.  The noise floor on channel 919 of the ubnt gear showed up as -93 I have been very disappointed in this gear from day one which is why I only had 8 clients on it. 

The new gear: 450i 900, one 65 degree sector currently has 7 clients on it for now, more to come tomorrow. Running 10mhz channels on channel 907 with a -76 noise floor. 

I have it on 907 right now to see how it would run and man does it run. All some clients have a increased signal strenght of about 8 to 10 db but the speeds are fantastic.  I will move to a better channel a different date, I need to be sure I am familiar with all the new settings and items in pmp 450 as I am very new to the gear. 

All clients hae tested out great. for instance, client signal -72 speedtest.net results 21 mb down 3 up. 

Here is a client I have had all kinds of trouble with on ubnt gear. The old signal was a -68 noise floor showed -96 could barely get 3 mbs through it. 

 Here is the same location on 450i. 

Similar results on everyone but most are close to 30mbs and one at 43mbs  which had a -59 signal

You might find this one funny. I put the sector up this morning, then immediate went to my garage to begin to test. Here is the speed test and pics of the sm inside my garge laying sideways on a chair. The ap/ watertower is about 2 miles away no line of sight . 

Water Tower: 150' 

Location looking toward tower about 2 miles away. 

Radio on chair:

Pic from chair:

Speedtest from radio laying on a chair:

More to come. 


Great post, pgator17! Glad the gear is working out for you. Thanks for the sharing all the info and looking forward to more updates from you. 



Nice post. Thanks for the information. What applications are the customers running? Are they able to do Netflix?


Applications; Netflix, Hulu I tested out with my chair test and I know one person is now going to try sling tv but they didnt tell me when.  I do have one of my friends on this sector who's son has both xbox and ps4 and he said his lag is gone.  The clients werent really doing much other than being frustrated on this sector when it was UBNT 900. 


Very Impressive. I have tried UBNT 900. Have found it only works "OK" in very, very rural areas. Any kind of noise kills it like what you were seeing. 

I might be purchasing some of this 450i 900 gear. I keep hearing good stories about how well it works :)

Sounds great! what do your customerrs say about the new connectivity?

Very happy at this point. Here is a text I got last night. Now before I left the clients house I had him run a quick test on netflix and it worked great. This client to my amazement was actaully a gamer and I didnt take him for one. He told me this when I was leaving from the change over installation. So I text him to check in. 


That's great!

Wanted to let others know. Last night in my area we were -4 degrees and wind chills approaching -20  so I am sure it was all of that if not more on the 150' tower.  The 450i 900 gear did not have any issues. 

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I was wondering what power supply you guys are using for the 900i? We are discussing which CPE PSU to use for 802.11at requirement.


I am using the 56 volt supply from cambium (recomended) The AP needs 56 volts and CPE's can use 30 volts from what I understand. This is Interesting though because a Epmp SM radio will power up and work just fine with a ubnt 24volt power supply but a 450i SM will not but the 450i will power up from the original epmp power supply

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