900 AP Locking up

Hello all,

I have an industrial site running one AP on a tower and 5 SM’s on the ground pointed at it, they are all LOS to the AP. System has run well for a number of years so I haven’t needed to become an expert on it. It is the only Canopy system I am responsible for. It’s purpose is to provide a transparent ethernet link between PLC equipment.

Recently the AP has begun to lock up. I can’t ping it, even, or log on the the web interface, but as soon as I do an “AP Eval” from an SM it it comes back to life, sometimes for a few minutes, other times a few hours or even a day or two.

I cannot access the AP, either. It’s on a rented space on a tower and is for all purposes inaccessible. So everything I do has to be through one of the SMs.

7. something firmware, IIRC.

Thanks in advance.

this may sound dumb but, have you tried simply rebooting it? also check the ethernet stats see if theres something going on there. is there a ground block? ground block could be going bad.

Still need more info

It may need an actual power cycle. Can you get someone to unplug it and plugit back in?

What version of software is the AP running?

The AP is running 7.9, and I’m not sure what jerry means by a ground block: do you mean a lightning protection device? I certainly hope so but none of the SM’s had them installed originally, I’ve had to add them.

What would I be looking at for Ethernet Stats? There’s ZERO ethernet activity on the AP, since it’s being used only as a repeater for info between SM’s. Never had any issue with Ethernet connectivity.

Thanks for your help!