900 Shortage

With the shortage of 900 SM’s looming into July, (my opinion), I am curious if any of you are going to use or using 3rd party gear to keep installs going. We are only a year into our business and waiting another 6 weeks for SM’s is going to really hurt.

I am wondering if there is an alternative SM line that is compatible with the Canopy 900 gear or if we would have to set up separate networks to make use of 3rd party equipment. Noobish question I know but all we have worked with so far has been Canopy gear.

We have looked at integrated units but we can only get our hands on about 20 of those which only gives us about a week so any input is appreciated. I am sure we aren’t the only ones feeling a pinch.

Unfortunately Canopy only plays with Canopy.

What about adding 2.4 or 5.7 Canopy AP’s? Terrain and foliage may not allow that to be practical

Grab the integrated SM’s and buy jumbers and enclosures and you can convert to connectorized.