There seems to be a shortage of these.

I have a boatload of the integrated SM’s.

Has anyone try tearing one apart and making it connectorized?

We connectorize the 900’s and all the other all the time. We always make the connector longer about 2 feet. We have not had any problems.

You can talk to one of our engineers if you like. They may be able to help you with any questions.



Is there a detachable antenna cable?

If so can your source those to me?

I have not looked at the board on an integrated. There must be a cable from the board to the antenna. does anyone know if this connection soldered or is there an actual connector?

If there is a connector all you need to know is what the connector type is and order up pigtails.

Radio side is MCX, opposite end is N-Male.

Cable style is LMR100A, or RG-174. Typical length is 18".


Integrated 900 radios have an 18" pigtail…?

Phreak, we are discussing the integrated radios, not the connectorized.

Jerry Richardson wrote:
Phreak, we are discussing the integrated radios, not the connectorized.

Integrated 900's have the same connector (at the circuit board) as a connectorized one does. Pigtail length on the connectorized is 18", if you are converting you can make it any length you wish, keeping in mind the db loss of a excessively long pigtail cable.

Opening up a 900SM is easy, just two screws and the board assembly slides right out, a SMC is even easier, just sqeeze and pull.

I figured that the board would be the same. This is good news as there is a shortage of connectorized but integrated can still be had.

The only problem is the cost. It adds a little more for the integrated, plus the cost of the pigtail

The screws are torx screws, so you will need to get somthing like a long screwdriver style torx. I cant recall the size right now, but I recall i didnt have the right length of torx wrench. I had to do some digging for one.

The cost will be driven up in the following areas:

The cost of the pigtail – Typically $20/each

The cost for a new housing to fit the board – lastmile carries the empty housings. Dead radios of the other varieties will work too.

The cost for man hours to connectorize the radios.

I am looking at it as the price total is nothing compared to being without radios for a couple of months. What are you supposed to do?

"Can you install me tomorrow?"

No, we are out of stock on units.

"How about next week?"

Unfortunately not, we are looking at a month or more.

"Ok, I will have to call XXXXXXX and I bet they can help me!..click, buzzzzzzzzz"

When all is said and done, please remember to adjust your TX output power appropriately, so that everyone stays within FCC limits.

I have a liquidator that has been sourcing me integrated radios at $300 a pop so I think it would actually work out cheaper as USED SMC’s are going for almost $500 used on Ebay due to the shortage.

This is very good news for me.

Any links or websites for people that sell empty housings?