900APC questions

A couple of questions about the 900APC

What is the output power ? (not the EIRP) It looks like ~26 dbm ???
Can the channels by manually assigned by the operator, or are you locked into specific ranges ?

Anyone using the 900APC with high gain yagi - any down sides?

And last one; what anyone doing low altitude deployment over short huals ? for example the AP and SM at 25 feet above the ground less than 3 miles apart.


Wow… ok well I didn’t think these were tough questions…

Let me try it another way… Is there any reason why the Connectorized 900Mhz kit cannot be attached to something like this ?? : http://www.cushcraft.com/details.asp?style_id=6&catid=123&group_id=17

If I were to stay with the “factory” 9 dbi antenna the how high can I set the output power ? It appears to be 26 db but I’ve seen reference to as high as 30db. Does anyone know ?

I’m not to confident in buying my first Canopy kit when questions this easy can’t find answers… Canopy Support are you there ?

I’d love opinions on Low altitude deployment and ground effect too but right now even the radio planning basics would be handy…

The units can be set from 906 to 924 MHz in 1-MHz increments, but 921 MHz is not an option.

The maximum power output setting is 28 dBm. It’s your responsibility to match the output power with the antenna’s gain to limit the EIRP.

For clear RF LOS at 3 miles, the fresnel zone plus earth-curvature puts antenna height at 38’. That’s with no buildings or hills. Your situation may work, but you’re starting off with only NLOS (near-line-of-sight). Add to that any obstructions. Add to that any interference.

Download a copy of the latest PDF manual if you’re looking for both basics and specifics. Neither the manual nor Motorola, however, can tell you how the equipment will perform in your particular situation. Without knowing any more details, my guess would be that you at least need to plan for an AP higher than 25’.

And to answer your question about Yagis, there are companies that have directional antennas such as in your link that make Yagis for Canopy and other connectorized systems.


Good Luck!

Thanks for the info… it’s primarily the max output power, and the ability to hook on a different external antenna that I was looking for.