900MHz 450i Re-Reg Count


It was brought to my attention that on the AP (15.1.1) under Session Status > Link Quality, the Re-Reg counter isn't incrementing. 

I see the Tools > Link Status counter incrementing but not Link Quality.

Another thing to note, and more of a request, there are far more "Reg" instances than Re-Reg.  Can you instead show us the "Reg" counter in the Link Quality tab instead of "Re-Reg"?

We will see if we can reproduce this, and post our results.  Regarding the request to display "reg" counter, do you want that instead of the "re-registration" counter or in addition to it?

I just checked our other 900 OFDM AP's and there is more activity on the "Reg" column.  So if the Re-Reg Quality Index only looks at the "Re-Reg" column, I don't believe it's a good indicator. Having both wont hurt if they can fit, but the same data is just two tabs over in "Session".

How often does the Quality Index + LQI get calculated?

Hi, Bro.

How to use 900MHz spectrum? Is that unlicensed for all? What's the procedure if I want to use 902-928MHz? I'm the freshman on radio and I will more than happy if I can get any useful knowlege from your case.