900mhz 7.07 2x Throughput

I am trying to get the 1x and 2x to work. Do I have to be running 7.07 on both the SM and AP to get this to work? Do I have to DISABLE the 6.0 Compatiblity also? Currently when I view the sessions page I see 1x/1x?

You must have both the 7.0 version of the software, Also there are certain things that may or maynot allow the sm to run at 2x, things like interferance, distance ect… but the do have to be at 7.0 to run at 2x, I may be wrong but that is how I have mine running.

You have to have both your AP and SM running 7.0 in order to take advantage of 2X. Be careful, though: using 2X essentially doubles the distance your SM is “seeing” the AP. So, if you are 2 miles from the AP and attempt to use 2X, the SM will effectively be 4 miles away and will react accordingly. Furthermore, all your equipment must be on Hardware Scheduling in order to use 2X.

One HUGE caveat: Moto has been having a LOT of issues with reliability and 2X and Hardware Scheduling, so be sure your customers are prepared for a lot of re-regs if you go this route. This is why many of us here have (for now) abandoned the use of Hardware Scheduling and 2X.