900MHz and 5.7Ghz used together on a certain area

i need advise on this,

we have an existing 5.7Ghz platform and planning to expand our area, i have this option to expand for 900Mhz platform but i have some things to consider which i need your advise:

1st: is it possible that this 900mhz and 5.7mhz will work together?

2nd: how can i transfer the internet connection from my existing 5.7ghz platform to my 900mhz? is there a backhaul to use? or what?

3rd: can i put my 900mhz tower besides my 5.7ghz tower?

4th: other matters which i failed to ask, please help me. Thanks a lot.

Yes, 5.7GHz and 900MHz can co-exist and can even be co-located on the same tower. With a single AP on each frequency band you can likely get by without a CMM, but using a CMM (or multiple CMMs) is always best. You could also mount the APs on different towers, but then you’ll need either a Back Haul pair or a wireline link between or to a common location.

Depending on the anticipated number of 900MHz subscribers, as well as the maximum range needed, you can establish 360-degree coverage using fewer than 6 APs by using the connectorized version and the appropriate antennas. Using 900MHz antennas with horizontal polarization is best to minimize interference. The 900MHz APs and SMs with integrated antennas are horizontally polarized.

@ Teknix:

i have seen some different models of 900Mhz APs, can you tell me which will be a good buy, to maximize the RANGE, minimize INTERFERENCE as will as maximize STABILITY and PERFORMANCE, this is the link…please tell me which is the best one.

for APs:900mhz
http://shopping.netsuite.com/s.nl/c.283 … gory.65/.f

for SMs:900mhz
http://shopping.netsuite.com/s.nl/c.283 … gory.81/.f

please post me here the nice one… =)

You need to determine the most appropriate models for your situation.

The simplest solution is using both APs and SMs with integrated antennas, but this may or may not be the best combination for your installation. If you want the flexibility of adding your own antennas, you need the connectorized versons – AP, SM, or both.

AES adds security, but makes no difference in range or stability.

when you say the connectorized version, is this the connectorized one? please check for me this link please, if i get the right one.:

SM 900mhz:

http://shopping.netsuite.com/s.nl/c.283 … /id.452/.f

AP 900Mhz:

http://shopping.netsuite.com/s.nl/c.283 … /id.456/.f

please tell me if this is the right one. thanks.

Yes, they are the ones with the description… "Connectorized (External antenna not included). They come with a short coax pigtail with an N-type male connector.