900MHz Canopy Bad Jitter, Strong RSSI

I live in a country estate Pine Meadows with 25 5acre lots. The fixed wireless provider just installed a 80’ tower so that they could hit all of the clients. I’m running a 900MHz Canopy at 40’ shooting 0.78km to the 80’ tower. I can’t see the tower even at the 40’ mark due to some trees. But being really close I get a RSSI of -46dBm. My problem is that I get a Jitter of 1-3 then gets a jitter of 8-10. Me and my friend who is the installer figure its too strong of signal, so when he has a chance he’s going to turn it down for me. So is their anything other that too strong of signal that could be causing this? And what signal strength would I want to get when the radio gets turned down? I’ve read a lot on these forums that having really strong clients is bad for the farther away weak signal clients, so what would you say is optimal if their is still leaves on the trees?

Just a little of my history. I got fixed wireless from a local company called CCL Networks and they installed a 900MHz Alvarian at 35’, to the tower 12.1km away. My download was around 300kbps, due to the amount of clients, etc. Last winter my friend started working there, so we decided that we should go higher. To get either a Alvarian 5.8GHz on the same tower or a 900MHz Canopy on another tower 9.4km away. We set up a 40’ TV tower and used a 20’ Aluminum pole inside, so it was about 55’ in total height. The Canopy got a -80 with 2Mbps and the Alvarian got an SNR of 16 with 1.2Mbps. Trying to decide which one to keep he decided that I should just use both to see which I would lose when the leaves came on the trees. When they did come the Alvarian 5.8GHz lost connection, so I’ll have to take it down to go back to the provider. Now with the Pine Meadows tower, I could finally lower the pole so I don’t have to worry about that thing breaking in the wind.

going from 1-3 then to 8-10 is indicative of interference. Most likely caused by the foliage in the trees.

-46 is a bit hot. At that range (being so close), setting the SM to an output of 4 (which is the lowest you can go) would only bring it down to maybe

It’s probably the radio going from 1X to 2X

Force the radio to 1X and it should stabilize.

Lowering the power on the SM will not change the dB level in the Status page as that is the level of power received by the SM.

Depending on your setup you may need to go to a lower gain antenna. For example if you have a 13dB antenna, step down to a 9dB or even a 6dB.