900mhz connection problems

As of last Thursday, I lost my 900mhz connection and I haven’t been able to reestablish the connection. I have a 11dbi yagi antenna about 20 feet up on a pole and the AP is 3.45 miles away on a water tower. I am in a valley with a hill between me and the AP, but I don’t think the hill is high enough to block LOS, but I am shooting through several tree rows between fields.

Before I lost the signal I normally had an RSSI of 12-1300 with an -83 DBI and 4-6 for Jitter and normally had 900k to 1.3m download speeds. Sunday night I was at 1030 RSSI with -87 dbi. I raised the Antenna about 2 ft last night and I actually lost RSSI.

My provider thinks it is because of the leaves coming out on the trees and suggested raising the antenna higher or going to a 16dbi wire grid antenna. What do you guys suggest for increasing the signal?

I am somewhat on my own equipment wise, as I own the equipment. My provider gives a lower monthly rate if you buy the equipment vs. leasing it.


You provider is right. New foliage has a high water content. At -83 you were already close to the edge of dropping the signal.

I would recommend an 18dBi yagi over the wire grid.

Could try stacking a couple 18dbi Yagi’s…that should do it :slight_smile:

At 3.4 miles from the AP you could successfully align a 17dbi Yagi. I prefer the M2inc 17dbi yagis over the 18 yagis or 16dbi grids


You should try to get jitter 4 and less AND a 100% efficiency on the up and down link test. I find this is more important than any dbm level.

I already ordered a 18 yagi. It’s supposed to arrive Monday. Hopefully Monday night I’ll be back on wireless.

Have fun, those suckers are 6 feet long.

Yeah I know they are about 6ft, but it’s only about 3 lbs. I think the utility pole I am mounting it on should be able to handle it.


let us know if that solved your problem - we don’t see too much difference here between the 13 db yagi we use and the 18 db yagi

I thought it was interesting…

I had better signal using a Pacwireless 9dBi than the 18dBi (noname yagi)

Also pretty interesting… I use some Trango 900 gear and the 9dBi Yagi outperformed the integrated antenna by far. -80 with integrated. Solid -60 with 9dBi and Trango has a 10 or 11dBi antenna…