900mhz diversity antenna setup anyone?

Has anyone tried with any success a diversity antenna setup in a multipath environment on an sm?

I have a test case client that I am looking to try setting up two 15dbi yagis on a splitter to a connectorized 900sm.

My thought/hope is that as the signal fades on one antenna it will pull from other and back and forth to provide some form of multipath mitigation. Can a canopy 900sm handle a diversity setup?

I’m looking for anyone who might have tried this on a Canopy radio and second how much distance between the antennas is appropriate.

I’ve read that it is important that the lmr antenna cables be exactly the same length and it has been recommended to me to use lmr400+. Thoughts? I was thinking of putting the antennas two wavelengths apart vertically or about 24in for 900mhz for a horizontally polarized network or should I space the antennas apart horizontally? ( I have read that I would need at least 4ft for separation in a 2.4 diversity setup but I have no knowledge of 900 other than a statement on the KP performance website saying to give 28in for stacking)

Are you thinking of phasing the two antennas together to increase recieve levels at the SM?

I tried it with a pair of M2 17’s and their phasing harness. I noticed a couple of dB increase in RX dB but not much other than that. Of course this was on a pretty poor customer location, lots of things in the fresnel zone…

Basically yes.

I have too much in the Fresnel zone and am looking for a way to help mitigate multpath as well.

You say M2 has a harness to do a diversity setup? I haven’t seen any information on if the canopy sms can support diversity but I didn’t try looking from the antenna side of the question.

Can you point me to a link?