900MHz indoor

any one used the indoor units… any good ? reliable ?

Also looking to deploy a 900MHz network to complement a 5.7 network, what polorization should I go with ?


Canopy 900MHz gear is horizontal by default, and you’ll give yourself some breathing room from most paging systems and other 900MHz gear if you stick with that.

We have not used the indoor units, most of our shots are longer and we’ve just not tried them yet.

Have used a couple, we have a 25 pack that we will be using. Have had one had my partners house for over a month now and its working good. He is only about 1/2 mile from the tower with alot of trees to go through.

Currently the unit is sitting on the floor with the power turned all the way up and the AP sees it at -65, the SM sees the AP at -55. We found that putting in on the floor and tilting it backwards gave the best signal, being this close to the tower.

We tried to turn the power down and get his signal around -70, but found that when they parked there car in the driveway they would have problems, so just be careful where you put them and look outside to see if there is going to ever be anything in the way.

Also we are shooting it directly through the wall, we tried the window (brand new window) and got nothing, I think it saw the AP at -85 or something, the new UV coatings on the newer windows just don’t work well.

As we get more experience with them I will update.


P.S. the stupid dial on these things is annoying, if you get some, use either 1 or 7 for horizontal pol. I think 3.5 is for vertical… Its ridiculous that they made it spin 180 degrees if you ask me.