900MHZ install using Yagi Antenna

We are using a 9000APC AP at a FREQ of 924.

[u:3pu05w9y]1 mile[/u:3pu05w9y] away we have a connectorized SM with a 13dB gain Yagi Antenna. We are shooting through a medium sized wooded area where the customer is located in the middle of the area. Yesterday we installed this Yagi and uninstalled the integrated SM.

Here were the issues we were having:

Integrated 900SM
RSSI - 1448 (on Average)
dB - 69 - 72
Jitter 2-3
Link tests both 100% up and down (without 2X)

Customer would re-reg and go up and down. Link tests would be great one minute and very poor the next. We have tried multiple FREQs and it does it on all of them.

Connectorized SM
RSSI - 1586 (on Average)
dB - 69 - 72
Jitter 1-2
Link Tests 100% up and down (without 2X)

Customer was 100% stable (no rereg0 for 8 hours until night fall came. It was lightly raining in the area and the alarmed all night. Rereg count was at 216 this morning. Has anyone seen SMs being flaky at night time? I know this doesnt make sense but just a curious question.

Remember key points -

1.01 Miles away from AP
Tried multiple FREQs
Quadruple checked the config on AP and SM
NOT using 2X (but have treid with 2x and it was a poor connection)

All configs look to be solid.

Did a spectrum analysis test. SM side is seeing our FREQ at a -72dB and the AP side is seeing a -68dB.

Anyone have any ideas. We are Only experiencing this with ONE customer which is on an AP with another customer and they are working fine, but they are .5 miles away from the AP.

Any thoughts are appreciated. Im learning just like everyone, so bare with me! Thanks!

Here’s a few ideas:

Try doing the spectrum analyzer again with the AP powered down. This will give you good idea of the noise floor.

Let the analyzer run for several minutes and check for spikes. A power level of -70 dB is sufficient, as long as your noise floor is low enough.

What firmware version are you running? Flashing to 7.3 would be advisable if it is anything else.

Hope that helps,

I do not use 900 at all but the recommendation to be sure that you are running “newer” firmware is a good one. I forget the specific version, but one of them directly addressed the 900 MHz re-registration issue.

Trees get dew on them at night and the moisture acts like a wall.

When it alarms, log into the SM and see what the signal level is. If it’s around -80 that would explain your problem.

In addition to the above, I’d say check for interference from this user’s - or their neighbours’ - cordless phones. 13dbi, even a yagi, can catch a lot of stuff you don’t want.

We are definately getting interference. At night or during the day the power levels stay the same. We are getting the exact same issues with the Connectorized or the integrated antenna.