900MHz installation

We are planning a 900Mhz site in a location that is quite forested. Because of the Australian spectrum licencing system we only have one channel available for use. The area that we want to cover is contained within a 120 degree angle from the AP site.

Given the forested conditions, our feeling is that it would not be good to use an omni antenna because it will reduce our already limited range. But if anyone has any thoughts on this please share it.

My question is, is it possible to put two standard 60 degree 900MHz APs in adjacent sectors on the same frequency?

Any advice greatly appreciated,

Just use a 120 degree sectorized antenna. That is what my vendor recommends anyway, over an omni.

look at www.rflinx.com they have some splitters you can use on 900 and direct the antennas where ever you want. Horizontal pol is best in our experience also.