900mhz m2 yagis

From what I read, you just cant go wrong with these.

Whats the benefit of going with an 11db vs a 17 db, other than price? Is there a problem with go big or go home attitude, or is there a method to the madness?

I keep getting told yagis are more prone to interference than the integrated antennas? is this in fact a notable issue?

We have been lucky so far, we have gotten away with all integrated, but theres been a couple where it just would have been nice, and now I have the perfect customer, good recieving signal at the SM but marginal back to the AP, perfect sub to test out some yagi deployments. We have some spare APs on hav=nd we will jsust convert to an SM to test with, is there any drawback other than the cost risk?

M2 & KPP yagi’s (better mount, angled ‘n’ connector, and painted black) are typically 3’ long @ 14dB and 6’ (yes that is feet) @ 17dB. They are very lightweight. Compared to the integrated 900 the overall length of the antenna is the only obstacle to overcome. You’ll also need connectorized SM’s, and when you buy in bulk the cost of a connectorized 900 + 14dB yagi is cheaper than the integrated flat panel SM. Some customers will frown when they are told there will be a 6’ yagi on their roof. If they want internet bad enough then the size is moot. We’ve got dozens of 14 & 17 KPP yagi’s and maybe a dozen M2 deployed, and as far as interference is concerned I’ve never noticed it being an issue. If anything the beam width is narrower with a yagi.

Similar results here. Use mostly M2 14s. Good links at up to 13.5 miles so far. I have one of their 17s, but it has the old style mount on it - so it has not been used yet, but I have not had to use it so far. I can usually go a little bit higher and use the 14 instead.

I have the KPP also - it is a very nice unit.

Close in folks we use Wireless Beehive Stingers.

Has anyone used the Super Stinger panels for 900?

My current need for these are the customers who just cant punch back to the AP, even though they recieve pretty good.

Will I see much gain on the recieve, with a yagi (for arguments sake a yagi with the same gain as the integrated unit)

The boss would like to just carry one rather than a variety, Im all about go big or go home, with the 17s, but from your experiences it looks like the 14s have been pretty versatile? Size and cost wise, they would be a better fit it looks.

Now for another question, how do these perform in the winter, I have seen threads where folks claim they ice up alot, is this the case?

We ordered them today, so Ill know when they get here, do the n connectors match up between the connectorized canopy and the M2 yagie or do I need a barrel?

Sorry, I can’t say comparison wise. I have one integrated unit - have not even tried it out yet.

From my experience, if my signal is just a little weak with a panel/Stinger, I know the 14dbi will make it work.

I have not had any ice problems so far. the M2s are supposed to be better at not having ice build-up b/c of their larger diameter elements.

The connector is somewhat close to the antenna beam - it’s kind of hard to get sealer around it. Other than that, I have no complaints.

I hope you got the new ones with the better mounts.

You’ll love 'em.

yeah, we ordered the new ones, those look like some robust machined aluminum mounts, was it just dual ubolts before?

What kind of unknowns can I expect to have? like little things to know (like do the elements bust or bend easily when climbing up a tower with it hooked to the belt?)

Actually, it was a single U-Bolt. You couldn’t get them tight enough to relieve the sag of the antenna. I broke a couple of them.

Don’t worry about bending it. There are heavy duty. The only one that I have seen damaged was during the worst ice storm our area has had in my lifetime. I guess this one got hammered by a large branch. 3 of the elements are bent about 30 degrees, the antenna mast itself has a slight bend near the antenna connector. I’m going to straighten it out and test it in the next few days.

I’m still curious about the Wireless Beehive super stingers.

FYI - I have received a batch where some of the threads inside the holes of the mounting block were gimped up. It looks like they were sort of double-threaded. If you started the bolt in and it stopped, you had to back it out and try again. If you forced it in you probably would never get it removed.

You’ll have to forgive me - I was a CNC machinist since high school. That was the other 12 years of my life - before the whole ISP thing…

Good luck with it!

We have about 100 integrated 900s, 500 M2M 17dbi yagis and 100 KPM 17 dbi yagis.
My guys like the KPM due to the ease of installation and the beefier mounts.
Performance wise, they are equal.

We will stay with the KPM as long as the price hold competitively with M2M.
No more integrated radios for us.


Hi Guys

Thanks for the responses about our yagi antennas. At KP Performance antennas we are striving to give you the best product for the best price. We are located out of Dallas Texas and Edmonton Alberta Canada. We have eliminated all the rivets on our yagi antennas for a superior product and we have also redesigned the dipole so weatherproofing the N connector in much easier. Please visit our web site and take a look,


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Thanks Again!

Ken Caird
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We just got them in, an 11db and a 17, what a difference in size. Im amazed at how lightweight the 17 is.

Now for a really dumb question, if its flat is the polarization horizontal?

Yep, flat is horiz.


the 17db kp performance yagi rocks!
bolts right on a tower unlike the M2
and has no holes in it like the M2 dose
M2’s are really bad for getting water in them kpperformance has fixed this

I just deployed a horizontal super stinger (13.5dbi) in place of an integrated 900sm. The integrated was showing 87dbm and jitter 10-13. Obviously a no start deployment.

The stinger with its 30 degree beam compared to the integrated 60 and 1.5dbi boost took it to a steady 85 and jitter 5-7 to give you an idea. I too am looking to carry only a few types of antennas. I tried a 15db horizontal yagi that was quarter wave length tuned from Terrawave but it ‘seemed’ to catch a lot of perpendicular interference coming off a cell tower that I wasn’t able to even lock on with it. Anyone that has been my one experience with the super stinger so far.