900Mhz omni recommendations

hello i am looking to put up a 900Mhz omni antenna on a tower were i realy need to go 4-5mi through trees i have done this 3miles but am looking for somthing stronger thanks for the help :smiley:

if you really want penetration go with panels instead of a omni.

If you are going to use an omni get one from Last Mile Gear. The Antel is probably the best choice. I prever the sectors from MTI if you are going to sectorize.

the antel is what we use now was hoping to find a 15 or 18db omni

how do the sector antennas work will i need 4 sector antennas so i dont have any dead spots and if i do wont i loos a lot of power in the spliter betwen AP and antenna’s? :shock:

We have had great luck with RFS Celwave Omnis and for a cheap alternative Pac Wireless makes an omni that performs well but is being put to the test to see how well it holds up.

ok so what is the beifit of getting a 9db omni for $900
http://lastmilegear.com/product.php?id= … 2=Antennas

when you can get a 12db antenna by tranzeo for $166?
http://streakwave.com/Itemdesc.asp?ic=T … -12&eq=&Tp

is the ANTEL more money just coz it looks cool our am i missing something? thanks for helping me with my stupidity :o

ok i answerd my self didnt see the cheaper one is a V-Pol

yea id definately stay away from tranzeo anything. they are the biggest piece of crap ever made.

VLAN1 wrote:
yea id definately stay away from tranzeo anything. they are the biggest piece of crap ever made.

Don't get me started...

What problems have you had with Tranzeo? I just put in two TR5Plus links and so far they seems to be a pretty good value.

For example, for the cost of ONE TrangoLink45 end I put up TWO 20Mb PTP connections AND have a spare on the shelf.

A company we acquired about a year ago was built on Tranzeo gear for all of the APs and CPEs. That network is situated in a 2.4 GHz void so it’s hard to gauge performance in a crowded area, like where we use Canopy.

Our two big beefs are that they don’t support any rate limiting or bandwidth settings and don’t do VLANs. In addition to these, some units tend to do MAC address cloning or otherwise mess with ARP, have a fixed subnet mask of /24, the firmware cannot be downgraded to a previous version, they don’t set their ethernet links properly (Auto/Auto or we see a lot of framing/checksum errors on our switches). I’ve also heard a couple of horror stories about a CPE going sour and filling the network with broadcast traffic.

Aside from the weird broken-ness Tranzeo gear works really well for small networks, and it’s definitely at the right price. Just does not scale very well for us.

Plus the trazeo gear doesn’t seem to like the cold. They have a tendency to lock up and need a reboot when it’s really cold out.