900mHz SM starts re-reg after 20 min

900mhz cmm 12 clients
All have great signals -47 to -61 db
After about 20 minutes I have 1 client who startes to re-reg the jitter on this unit is avg 6, a few of the others is the same. But it starts a cycle of re-reg.

-47 dB is awfully “loud,” turning down the SMs output power to at least -60 - -65 would be the first thing to do.

Also, what firmware are you using? What scheduling are you using?

This customer with issue is at a -61

I am using Hardware

Basically, your strong signal SMs are desensitizing the AP. This makes the AP less able to reliably communicate with SMs with weaker signals.

A -61 dB signal would not normally be considered weak, but turning down your stronger SMs is still a good idea.

- What firmware are you using?
- What does the noise floor look like out there?

I am looking at upgrading, however the guy who used to take care of all our Canopy stuff left us.
Which ver of 7.3.6 do I need to use? AES or DES

Use the package appropriate to your equipment. You likley have DES (56bit) rather than AES (128bit) encryption.

If you have any co-located Backhauls, you will want to use 7.2.9 rather than 7.3.6. I am guessing that 8.0 will address this issue.

I assume that you have the CNUt tool installed. I suggest that you upgrade the AP first, then upgrade al of the SM’s associated with that AP rather than trying to do multiple AP/SM groups at the same time.

while you should go ahead and upgrade, this is not your problem. Your -47dB SM is so hot that the AP cannot see the -61dB SM (14dB differential). As ahull suggested, you need to go into each SM and adjust the power output so that the power level from each SM in the AP Sessions page is between -65 and -75. Once you do this everything will settle down.

Read the threads ragarding 900MHz and power levels, this topic has been covered a number of times.

Okay, I adjusted them all so they are within 8 dbi of each other. But still same issue

8db within each other AND between -75 and -65 - correct?

Did you do the upgrade yet?

After that the next steps are:

Is the SM looking through power lines
Is there a cell site nearby
Is the SM on the side of the house nearest the AP - If not elevate the SM

Move the AP to another frequency. Make sure that all of the SMs are allowed to scan all of the channels so that when you change freq’s you don’t leave any of the SM’s behind.

Replace the power brick on the offending SM
Replace the offending SM
Swag a known good cable to the SM