900Mhz Ubiquiti yagi vs Cambium 900Mhz dual slant yagi

We installed a Cambium 900Mhz 450i with the cambium dual slant sector on a tower. The sector is installed directly above a motorola/cambium 900Mhz integrated AP (so both antennas are 60degree) , pointing the same direction. We swapped out our first test customer today. The 450i AP is centered on 915Mhz 5Mhz channel.

Customer on 900Mhz Canopy

10 miles


14dBi KPP Yagi

Receive power -78

Swapped out with a 450i CPE and Cambium dual slant yagi and -80 was the best we could do.

Swapped the Cambium yagi out for a linear ubiquiti yagi and we are getting received power at -76.5 and link test is 14.4Mbps down (95%) and 4Mbps up (100%).

We turned the transmit power on the CPE down to accommodate eirp limits and the 16dBi yagi and the AP sees the CPE at -80 but we still have 100% uplink because our 900Mhz noise floor here is around -85.

We will use the Cambium yagi's in most installs simply because in most situations 12dBi is enough and the yagi much ligher and we like the way the CPE / Yagi mount up.  However it's good to know that the ubiquiti yagis not being dual slant doesn't seem to hurt much for those places where you need a few extra DB.

Edit: Well this may all be moot. As soon as I posted this I got an e-mail from KPP announcing they are going to make 14dBi and 17dBi dual slant Yagis  for the 450i !  


There's also some new dual-pol antenna options from Mars. There's a new 10.5dBi flat panel, and 13dBi 60/90deg sector antennas.

We have found the same thing.  The higher gain Ubiquiit antennas work great.  I found a solution to the polarity - see attached photo.  This allows us to adjust the polarity to get the SSR as close to zero as possible.

We are also excited about the KPP yagis.  This one area has a 900 MHz noise floor around -75 dBm.  In this area we find we replace old PMP100 SM's with the new 450i's and they just won't stay registered with equivalent signal.  So much for them being better with noise.  :-(


Well that's pretty creative. Where did the bracket holding the radio come from ?

It's the one off a Cambium yagi.  We sacrificed a couple of yagis at the beginning.