90W PoE++ (802.3bt Type4) for Medusa


Does anyone have experience of (or documentation for) 90w PoE++ to power up a Medusa?

I have a number of Medusa on towers which are ~100m cable runs. I have been using various solutions including UBNT EdgePoints to convert Fibre to passive 48v PoE(4 pair).

Unfortunately each EP can only run one 450m (running 2 tends to kill the EP) and they are not small items, nor especially long lived…
I am looking at testing some industrial 90W Fibre to PoE++ media convertors, and/or 90W 802.3bt PoE++ repeaters but I’d like to know if the Medusa will run on the standard before I go buying them.


I Think you need more than 90W, around peak of 110W .


Barry - In Q1, we will have the Tower Switch line from cnMatrix, which will be a great fit for this solution… more to come shortly on this!

Matt - Sounds very interesting, any more details?