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has anyone ran the 320 in a 6 sector setup since the panels are only 65 degrees the documentation enclosed with our antenna said 65 degrees, and after field testing, it seems to almost mimic the 900 sector that it is aligned with, so i’d rather use 6 a pack and cut thru the woods deeper, I’m thinking 7mhz x 3

I noticed the same labeling on the antennas. Vendor and Motorola both swear that the antennas are in fact 16.5db/90degrees, despite 17db/65degrees on the label.

Have you experimentally found the 65 degree to be more accurate?


well… the antenna that moto has in the kit for the base station is :
http://www.tessco.com/products/displayP … ventPage=1

by part number, and it says plan and clear it is a 60 degree antenna… i think they ment to have

http://www.tessco.com/products/displayP … ventPage=1
the specs are almost the same, but one is 90 degree and one is 60 degree…
we have one of the 320 base stations setup in the exact same direction as one of the stock 900 APs the the roll off on the power happens at almost the same point, if the panel was 90 degrees, we should lose power so fast, when we are at the points that should be the 90 degree edge, we are only getting mid 80s LOS at 3 miles out, a similar shot at the 60 degree edge we are at 68 db so after what i have seen in the field comparing it directly with a 900 AP and seeing the power lose almost the exact same as the 900 AP, plus the antenna says 65 degrees, and finding these specs with the matching maxrad part number, I’d say its defiantly 60 degrees. we are going to order some duel pol omnis and try those out, just to satisfy the curiosity, then we are going to put up the similar 90 degree panel. I’ll post when we do that.

I noticed that the motorola support site has documentation on a new PMP320AP antenna… Can’t imagine why they felt the need to replace the old one, can you??


Here’s the rundown on the new antenna:

- Enhanced front to back ratio
- Improved mounting mechanics
- Enhanced null-fill in elevation plane
- Enhancements may help certain ABAB deployments that are not limited by reflective surfaces in front of opposing AP

But the big question: Is it finally a true 90 degree sector, or still 65 degrees?


Good question… I haven’t seen a data sheet on the new antenna yet. The old antenna had similar radiation patterns as the “True 90 Degree”, but had a much poorer F/B which made it impossible to use in a ABAB deployment. Think that must be why Moto recommended the 65 Degree, but marketed it as a 90 Degree.

We have done some checking into the antennas, they are a PCTEL antenna, they are technically 90 degrees. Here is a link to the Winncoms site, they custom make the Motorola antenna, but its the same as the SP3338-16XP90

We are also deploying 4 and six sector sites, the six sector align exactly like the 900Mhz AP and looks like will provide a bit more punch.


we will be using 7Mhz channel spacing, what center Freq will you be using?