a cheap hop

i am in a situation where this customer needs high speed and there is not enough signal at his house but up the road we installed a sm and it will work fine there its about 400 to 500 yards on a old church building that still has power where they are renting it.

whats the best way to get it from the sm to his house cheap?

its a clear field between the two its just his house is in a hole and a tower will not work either due to a high amount of trees across the road.

To clarify, you are saying that it is a clear LOS from the church to the house.

If this is the case, just use an 802.11 AP with a directional antenna on it pointed to his house. At the house use an 802.11 Etherent extender with a directional antenna pointed back to the church.

If there is no LOS, then you are going to need a 900MHz Bridge. The cheapest thing I know of is the Avalan 900MHz bridge http://avalanwireless.com/

For situations like that, i usaually use fairly cheapie 2.4 WLAN APs, replace the antennae on both ends with 18Dbi directional antennae and set one up as an AP and one as a client, forming a bridge.

Do they share the same power transformer?

I posted this a minute ago for another topic:

What we have done in the past. Is…

Used “MOTOROLA WE-800G Wireless 802.11g Ethernet Bridge” @ $40 x 2 ($80)

removed antenna and replaced with a “2.4GHz Backfire 14dBi WiFi Antenna” @ $35 x 2 ($70)

Total hardware cost = $150 :lol:

Now, that’s cheap. I don’t think it will get better than that, $150.00 complete hop! :shock: .