AAA settings

Is their no way to have the AAA setting with the stock settings from the units (macaddress:password) as the stock settings are normally what we use for bootstrapping to the network, but the way cnarcher is currently i'd have to manually have the technician retype the macaddress and the word password every install

We should have thought of that. How about the following change? If you leave the username and/or password field empty in the settings page, the app initializes it with the deault values (<macadress>, "password")?

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sounds fine to me :)

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We have just published v1.0.6 to the Play Store with the fix. You now have the option of selecting three different MAC address formats, and cnArcher will automatically format the MAC address of the SM and use that as the username for RADIUS authentication.

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will give it a shot, question tho looking through the settings in cnarcher where do you set the "mschapv2" setting? i see where to set aaa, and des, but not the aaa enc type. Unless i missed it when i was at the office.

The app currently works only with eapttls/MSCHAPV2. What are you using?

maybe i missed it didn't see the option to set eapMSChapV2 as the option vs eapTTLS maybe i just missed it in the demo run

You didn't miss it, it does not exist. We will add in the next version (v1.1).

@GMMChance, came across this post and just wanted to let you know that it's available in cnArcher Android.  Screenshot from version 1.2.9.

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